Pedagogic Portfolio Summary

Experience in Higher Education

Formal Pedagogic Qualifications:

1. Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education-(1998-99).

Pedagogic Research Project and individual mini-thesis project report: “An attempt to evaluate the learning process and its outcomes: The experience of a distance mode course in Discrete Mathematics using Open & Distance Learning materials”. Centre for Higher Education and Access Development (HEAD), Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies,Oct 1999. University of North London, UK

2. Master of Arts MA in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education-MALTHE (2005).

MA thesis: Berki, E. (2005). e-Learners Searching for I3 – Interaction, Identity and Inclusion. A holistic approach to the analysis of post-modern phenomena in Higher Education e-Learning Virtual Communities. MA Dissertation. Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (MALTHE), Centre for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD), Faculty of Education. London Metropolitan University. Oct 2005.

International Learning and Teaching Experience

More than 30 years experience in Higher Education and Industrial Training. See e.g. courses developed and taught in industry and HE institutes as employee/guest, list of invited lectures, seminars, workshops, …

Teaching Demo-Public Lecture

Spring 2007 Tampere – Final evaluation result: Good.

Countries where I taught: China, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom.

Note: I have mostly taught in multilingual and multicultural environments with diverse knowledge and cultural backgrounds of students and colleagues and have dealt with multidisciplinary subject areas of teaching and research.

International Higher Education Institutes where I taught (see the guest lectures and invited talks for details)

A) As a lecturer/senior lecturer under work contract

Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College – BHASVIC at Brighton, UK

London Metropolitan University (former North London University), London, UK

University of West London (former Thames Valley University), London, UK

Hong Kong Computer Institute, Hong Kong, China.

University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland

University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland

B) As a guest/visiting lecturer by invitation

The UK: University of Sheffield; Southampton Solent University; University of Middlesex; London Metropolitan University; King’s College, London University.

Finland: University of Turku; Technical Research Centre of Finland; Kokkola University of Applied Sciences.

Greece: University of Thessaloniki; University of Crete.

France: University of Sorbonne, Paris-1.

China: Shanghai Jao Tong University; Hong Kong Computer Institute.

Institutional Roles and Positions in HE, including BSc/MSc/PhD theses supervision and examination 1997-2018

Students Tutor for Cancelling/Advising; Teacher-facilitator for group work;Lecturer/Senior Lecturer; Open and Distance Learning Teaching Materials Developer; Online Courses Developer; Mentor in teaching and learning for other colleagues; Curricula designer; Teacher/Evaluator for Courses Quality; Consultant for ways of learning and teaching; Mini theses supervisor (around 100) and examiner (around 50). MSc theses supervisor and examiner of around 100 theses. PhD theses supervised and completed: 8. PhD theses examiner: 9.

I currently supervise Ph.D. researchers in Finland and elsewhere and I have also been in the advisory team of PhD researchers worldwide and have acted as research paper co-author and supervisor for a short time. I also supervise post-doctoral research work and collaborate with past PhD students and other international collaborators mainly for advanced research-based courses design and industrial research applications.

Journal, Conferences and Books Publications in Learning and Teaching

A list of pedagogical publications (see attached file of all publications) comprises contributions to: (i) cognitive science research; (ii) teaching experience reports; (iii) research on pedagogic theories; (iv) e-learning and national/organizational culture; (v) mentoring and guidance of students and other colleagues from diverse ethnic and knowledge backgrounds; (vi) student and new colleagues supervision; (vii) learning organizations and knowledge-shaped economies; (viii) educational strategies and management and sustainable socio-economic development.

Preferred Approaches for Learning and Teaching

Socio-constructivism; Problem-Based Learning (PBL); meta-cognition techniques; learning outcomes combined with learning aims and objectives; radical education paradigms; TV/Radio/Internet series Edutainment with role models.

Collaboration in Learning and Teaching and in Academic and Industrial Research

Most of my co-authored publications are the result of international collaboration with industrial researchers and academics worldwide, from around 40 Universities and at least from 25 countries, including The UK, USA, China, Nepal, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Australia, India, Canada, …

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes Development in Higher Education

I participated in the design, funding application, implementation, delivery and continuous quality assurance and evaluation of the following degree programmes:

1. One Open and Distance Learning (ODL) BSc (Hons) degree in Computing in UK and China (1996 – 1999), University of North London.

2. One Trans-European MSc degree in Advanced Software Quality Engineering and Artificial Intelligence between UK, Spain, Finland & Greece (1998 – 2000); Project coordinator: North London University.

3. Two European Union – funded MSc degrees in i) Group Technologies and ii) Software Business, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Educational conferences I organised and chaired

INternational Software Process Improvement In Research and Education INSPIRE 1999 – University of Crete; INSPIRE 2000 – London; INSPIRE 2007 – University of Staffordshire and University of Tampere; INSPIRE 2012 at the University of Tampere.

Educational R&D activities

Member of around 40 educational/scientific committees –see related link.

Pedagogic Portfolio (hard copy) – available on request:

I have acquired my academic leadership and management knowledge and skills through international and multidisciplinary teaching and research in learning and teaching and many years of action research in Higher Education and associated industry.

I have a hard copy of a pedagogic portfolio started from 1997, which comprises very detailed evidence of hundreds of pages and related attachments/appendices of all the activities that were previously summarized above. Therein exist also summaries and detailed descriptions of every activity as well as samples of pedagogic publications and other. For instance, the portfolio contains student evaluations, teaching observations, mentoring and peer activities, and the list can go on.

The pedagogic portfolio had been an essential and necessary part of my professional training as teacher in Higher Education in United Kingdom during 1997-1999. The professional development programme was called Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE). I was, during that time, working as a senior lecturer in Open and Distance Learning mode courses, employed by the University of North London for BSc degrees development in Asian countries. There exist also later updates of the same or other activities during my employment in Finland.

Additionally, one can find evidence of coursework and application practice in HE undertaken while I upgraded my HE pedagogical knowledge and skills during 2004-2005. At that time I was pursuing a Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (MALTHE), at the Faculty of Education of the London Metropolitan University, while at the same time I was working part-time at the Faculty of IT at the University of Jyväskylä. I completed the MA and graduated at the end of 2005.

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