MSc Theses Supervision

(All the MSc theses mentioned in this document are available online)

A) University of Tampere – Faculty of Natural/Information Sciences

NOTE: (Recognised Teaching and Research Merits): The following 4 MSc theses were nominated for the Finnish national competitions awards of exceptional MSc theses in i) Computer Sciences, ii) Mathematical Sciences, and iii) Industrial Security:

  1. Andrew Cox (2014):”Palmprint Acquisition: Extracting a consistent region of interest (ROI) for method evaluation”.
  2. Sunil Chaudhary (2012): “Recognition of phishing attacks utilizing anomalies in phishing websites”.
  3. Aleksi Tiensuu (2012). “Computational Thinking in Regard to Thinking and Problem Solving”.
  4. Olli Savolainen (2011): “Usability and Free/Open Source Software”.

Table with MSc Thesis and Projects’ details of in the MSc Programmes of 1. Software Development, 2. Interactive Technology, and 3. Information Systems.

Student Name and Surname (Final Grade in brackets) Start Month Month Gradu Finished and MSc Thesis Academic Evaluator Master Line/Subject Area Academic/Industrial Area and Customer Company/Funding Source
Kati Keski-Jaskari (Magna Cum Laude) Jun 2005 May 2007, Dr Nazmun Nahar, University of Jyväskylä Software Business/ Outsourcing in Software Companies of Greece & Finland Requirements management tools utilisation in Validation & Verification phases (Fact Finding in Kalman Industries and TietoEnator)
Li Ye (Magna Cum Laude) Nov 2006 Jul 2007, Prof. Jyrki Nummenmaa, University of Tampere Software Design Testing in Middleware Platforms Software Design Testing for Middleware Mobile Platforms (Application and use in NOKIA Research and Development at Helsinki and Tampere, Finland)
Catalin Ionescu (Eximia) Apr 2007 May 2008, Prof. Jyrki Nummenmaa, University of Tampere Communication Protocols Specification and Testing NOKIA Research and Development
Linfeng Li (Eximia) Jan 2007 co-superv. by Marko Helenius, Tampere University of Technology)
Jun 2008, Prof. Jyrki Nummenmaa, University of Tampere Phishing Problems and Software Design of Effective Anti-Phishing Methods F-Secure Helsinki – Security requirements identification and security procedures design
Shahzad Awan (Eximia) Apr 2007 Jul 2008, Prof. Jyrki Nummenmaa, University of Tampere Software Development/Automation of Mobile Content Sharing and Management Photos and other digital resources’ effective handling in mobile software industry – NOKIA
Xiasong Zeng (Non Sine) Apr 2007 (co-supervised with Dr Zheying Zhang) Jun 2008 (Dr Zheying Zhang, University of Tampere) Software Development/Agile Software Development and Quality Function Deployment A comparison and application of concepts in mobile industry projects – NOKIA
Spiridon Saroukos (Magna Cum Laude) Oct 2007 Jul 2008 (Prof. Erkki Makinen, University of Tampere) Software Development/Enhancing a Greek Language Stemmer: Efficiency and Accuracy Improvements Stemming algorithms as improved techniques utilised by web search engines – future research proposal for funding to the Greek Ministries of Education and Commerce
Wei-Yu Tai (Magna Cum Laude) Apr 2007 Sep 2008 (Prof. Kari Jouko-Räihä, University of Tampere) Interactive Technology/A Collaborative Tool for Improving the Quality Management and Organisational Communication in Software Testing Tool tested for usability and is currently in use for localisation testing by Lionbridge Testing, Tampere and abroad.
Majid Khan (Cum Laude) Apr 2007 Nov 2008 (Tampere University of Technology) Middleware and effective application and reuse NOKIA and other Helsinki and Tampere software companies
Tung Doan (Cum Laude) Apr 2007 Sep 2008 (Dr Zheying Zhang) Reverse Engineering Tools Design and testing of reverse engineering tools
Suprasana Sarkar (Cum Laude) Jul 2008 Dec08/Jan 09 (Dr Zheying Zhang) Mobile Software Application Platforms – Comparison, Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations NOKIA software development
Vassia Efstratiou (Pass) Oct 2007 (co-supervised with Timo Poranen) Oct 08 (Dr Timo Poranen/Zheying Zhang) ICT adoption by SMEs in Northern Greece A field study of small and medium size enterprises in Northern Greece – Analysis of strengths and weaknesses appeared in the ICT adoption
Kemal Khagan Isitan (Cum Laude) Feb 2008 March 2011 Dr Timo Poranen Free and Open Source Software and Reliability Metrics A European countries’ comparison on OSSD policies and OS software quality metrics
Harri Pirttinen (Cum Laude) Jan 2008 (co-supervised with Timo Poranen) Jan 2009 Dr Timo Poranen Information Systems/ (Six Sigma Methodology for Agile Software Process Improvement) NOKIA and subcontractor companies

Thesis written in Finnish
Matias Muhonen (Magna Cum Laude) Oct 2008 (co-supervised with Timo Poranen) Jun 2009 (Prof. Jyrki Nummenmaa) Software Process Improvement: Continuous Integration and Testing for Web Application Development

Finnish Software Industry

Olli Savolainen (eximia) (co-supervised with Saila Ovaska) May 2011 Mrs Saila Ovaska Usability and Free/Open Source Software Moodle Learning software – FOSS community
Hanna Kulas (Magna Cum Laude) Feb 2010 Feb 2012 (Prof. Pirkko Nykänen) Agile Software Quality Metrics Finnish Software Industry
Charikleia Raptopoulou (10, in the scale 1-10) Sep 2011 (co-supervised with Timo Poranen/Ioannis Stamelos) March 2012 (Professors. Athina Bakali and Ioannis Stamelos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Project work anti-patterns in Finnish Software Industry Finnish Software Industry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, European Union

Aleksi Tiensuu (Eximia) Sep 2011 Jun 2012 (Prof. Erkki Mäkinen) Computational Thinking in Regard to Thinking and Problem Solving Meta-Science and Meta-Cognition and Philosophy/Generalisation v Specialisation; Creativity Learning
Sunil Chaudhary (4, in the scale 1-5) Nov 2011 Nov 2012 (Dr Marko Helenius) Recognition of phishing attacks utilizing anomalies in phishing websites Security and privacy issues and guidelines for anti-phishing software/quality criteria
Mirjan Merruko (4, in the scale 1-5) Feb 2012 Apr 2013 (Prof. Pirkko Nykänen) Utilising Open Source Software Development for Effective Electronic Health Records Development Free/Open Source Software applications for e-health IS and electronic patient records in Europ. Union countries
Sundar Kunwar (4, in the scale 1-5) Sep 2012 May 2013 (Dr Timo Poranen) Metamodelling and Evaluating eXtreme Programming Lightweight IS development Methodologies, Lean Software Management and Values in Agile Cultures
Andrew Cox (5, in the scale 1-5) Dec 2013 Dec 2014 (Dr Heikki Hyyrö) Palmprint Acquisition: Extracting a consistent region of interest (ROI) for method evaluation Biometrics and tool evaluation for Finnish Software and Telecommunications Industry
Dilem Aydinli (5, in the scale 1-5) Oct 2014 May 2015 (Dr Timo Poranen) Software project management anti-patterns in innovation projects For DEMOLA innovation projects (Tampere)-Finland
Thrushna Nalam (4, in the scale 1-5) Sep 2014 Jul 2015 (Prof. Erkki Mäkinen) RSS v2.0: Spamming, User Experience and Formalization
For Open Standards Association and Thalis Strategic Framework Research Funding – Project collaboration
Dinh Toan Nguyen (3, in the scale 1-5) Mar 2015 Jan 2016 (Mr Sunil Chaudhary) Web Security: Security Methodology for Integrated Website using RESTful Web Services For Finnish Software and Telecommunications Industry
Dan Yang (5, in the scale 1-5) Feb 2016 Mar 2017 (Dr Ke Chen) Hierarchical Regression Learning for Car Pose Estimation Industrial research project funding on vehicle viewing angle estimation
Chetan Kandel (3, in the scale 1-5) Mar 2017 Dec 2017 (Dr Tarja Tiainen) Cloud-based Services Users and Trust Issues-A Comparative Study of Gender and National Culture Perspectives. Cryptography-based knowledge creation for future ICT Professionals’ Education and Training in Nepal, Greece, China, Finland and the UK.
Elena Soloveva (5, in the scale 1-5) Jun 2017 Dec 2018 (Dr Timo Poranen) A remedy perspective for emerging antipatterns in agile software projects in small and medium enterprises. SMEs in Telecommunications Industry in Germany and Finland
Priya Mishra (4, in the scale 1-5) May 2017 Jun 2018 (Prof. Konstantinos Stefanidis) Quality Deployment and Use of the Scaled Agile Framework® – Managing Teamwork and Software Quality in the Banking Sector. NORDEA bank (Finland, Sweden, Denmark).
Teemu Partanen (1, in the scale 1-5) Sep 2017 Mar 2018 (Dr Kati Iltanen & Dr Zheying Zhang) Defining and Verifying Usable Secure Features for Authenticating Identity. Customer: Industrial Security Companies (Confidential)
Kira Grigoriadu (2, in the scale 1-5) May 2016 Nov 2017 (Prof Esko Turunen) Mathematics teaching with Lozanov method. Finnish Secondary Education; Tampere University of Technology Student Name and Surname (Final Grade in brackets) Finnish Secondary Education; Tampere University of Technology

B) University of Jyväskylä, 2001-2005

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

MSc Academic/Industrial Theses Projects: Conceptualisation, Planning and Supervision to the final stage by Eleni Berki

Table with MSc Projects’ details in the MSc Programmes of 1.Group Technologies, 2. Information Systems, and 3. Software Business.

Student Name and Surname (Final Grade in brackets) Start Month Month, Gradu Finished and MSc Thesis Academic Evaluator Master Line/Subject Area Industrial Area and Company/Funding Source
Ari Manninen (Magna Cum Laude) Mar 2002 Oct 2003, Prof. Seppo Puuronen, University of Jyväskylä Requirements Management Tools and Evaluation Criteria Survey and Needs Analysis of Software Companies in central Finland (Application in Tieto-X).
Pasi Hakkarainen (Magna Cum Laude) Apr 2002 Oct 2003, Prof. Minna Koskinen, University of Turku Collaborative, Communicative & Co-operative Groupware Design Case study – Development of a hybrid model for the adoption of suitable groupware in companies.
Janne Parkkonen (Magna Cum Laude) Jun 2004 Sep 2004, Professor Hannakaisa Isomäki, University of Lapland Commitment and Organisational Learning Case Study in paper industry, UPM-Kymmene.
Matti-Sakari Kammonen (Eximia) Jun 2004 October 2004, Mr Janne Kaipala, University of Jyväskylä/Metacase Consulting Ltd. A model for capturing awareness issues & online Communication design issues Observations in (UK and Finland) of the designers communication needs while in software games construction and theoretical investigation for the development of an online communication model.
Wilhelmiina Aronsson (Cum Laude) Jun 2004 Nov 2004, Mr Mikko Jäkälä, University of Jyväskylä Online Interaction in Virtual Communities Settings Identification of Finnish Universities students’ communication needs – Comparison to other European countries. Thesis written in Finnish
Johanna Sivula (Lubenter) Jun 2003 Nov 2004, Mr Janne Kaipala, University of Jyväskylä Organisational & National Culture in GroupWare Design – Extension of the SQM-CODE model (Siakas, Berki & Georgiadou, 2003) Theoretical Investigation and Identification of factors that could be of critical success in the User Interfaces of the Banking Systems in Baltic and Nordic countries (Fact Finding and Observations in NORDEA bank).
Kaisa Kiviluoto (Lubenter) Jun 2003 Dec 2004, Prof. Hannakaisa Isomäki, University of Lapland Issues of Power & Design in Virtual Communities Analysis of Stakeholders’ needs from the VC end-users’ point of view of commercial (for profit) VCs.
Tuire Ruuskanen (Lubenter) Jun 2003 Dec 2004, Prof. Samuli Pekkola, University of Jyväskylä Project Management and Groupware Tools Suitability model for the utilisation of groupware tools in project management (fact finding from Central Finland projects’ managers interviews) – Application in NAMMO company, Jyväskylä.
Irina Pepponen/Suvala (Lubenter) Jun 2004 Mar 2005, Mr Janne Kaipala, University of Jyväskylä/MetaCASE Consulting Ltd. Information Systems/Knowledge Management & Groupware tools in Industry Cultural Factors in transactions among Finland and Baltic countries, mainly Russia (Pori exchange group of companies).
Lasse Nurmeksela (Eximia) Jun 2004 Apr 2005, Prof. Airi Salminen, University of Jyväskylä Knowledge Modelling on the Semantic Web Metamodelling and Integrated Design Framework for enhanced usability (Fact Finding and Observations at Tieto-Enator and the Finnish Parliament).
Mirja Pulkkinen (Eximia) Jun 2003 Dec 2005 Prof. Seppo Puuronen,University of Jyväskylä Enterprise Architectures Process Metamodelling (Creating a Process model for Enterprise Architecture Management and Discrete EA Planning and Development Projects – Support for a knowledge intensive process) Case Study in Finnish Companies of Process Re-structuring and Design Rationale – A software knowledge management perspective.
Ronnie Cohen (Eximia) Jun 2004 Oct 2004 (Dr Chris Sadler, Middlesex University, UK) MSc Exch. Student from Middlesex University, UK/Web-based IS Security in UK companies Evaluation of existing models for security requirements – strengths and weaknesses.
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