International Professional Committees and Networks

Docent, Dr Eleni Berki, June 2019

Paper Reviewer for the following journals:

  1. Journal of Human Technology (Online)
  2. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  3. The International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering
  4. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
  5. Journal of Requirements Engineering
  6. Journal of Software Quality
  7. Behaviour and Information Technology (BIT)
  8. The Cyprus Journal of Sciences – Member of the Editorial Board
  9. The African Journal of Information Systems
  10. Journal of Software Process: Improvement and Practice.
  11. British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science
  12. Journal of Information Security and Applications
  13. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process
  14. Journal of Information Security and Applications – Elsevier
  15. BioMed Central BMC Research Notes (Reviews on Open Source health-ware)
  16. BMC Bioinformatics (BINF) (Reviews on Open Source and e-health)
  17. South African Review of Sociology: Journal of the South African Sociological Association
  18. The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Transactions
  19. The International Journal of Hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things (IJHIoT)

B) Book Chapters’ and Books’ Reviewing Committees

  1. Chapter Reviewer of the book: Hatzipanagos, S. & Burton (Eds) Social Software and Community Ontologies, IDEA Group Publishing, 2008;
  2. Chapter Reviewer for the book Stamelos, I. and Sfetsos, P. (Eds) Agile Software Development Quality Assurance for Idea Group Publishing (2006);
  3. Academic Textbooks Reviewer in Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics and Information Systems, for Prentice Hall Publishing House (1997-2002).

C) International Conferences and Workshops Scientific Committees

  1. International Conferenceon Information Systems – ICIS.
  2. SPLST15. 14th Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools October 9-10, 2015, Tampere, Finland.
  3. Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS).
  4. The Pan-hellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI).
  5. The European Conference on Information Systems – ECIS.
  6. International Workshop on Requirements Analysis (IWRA).
  7. The Institute of Advanced Information Society (IADIS) annual international conference on ICT, Society and Human Being; (and other IADIS conferences).
  8. International bi-annual Workshop of South Eastern European Network on Formal Methods SEEFM.
  9. The British Computer Society annual international conference on Software Quality Management (SQM).
  10. The British Computer Society annual international conference on Software Process Improvement in Research, Education and Training (INSPIRE).
  11. Quality in Agile Methods industrial track for QUATIC.
  12. International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence techniques in Software Engineering (AISEW).
  13. International scientific committee member (appointed Oct 2005) and paper reviewer for IRMA 2006/2007 Conference.
  14. International scientific committee member and reviewer for the e-Learning Virtual Communities International Workshop Jan 2005 Cairo, Egypt.
  15. Paper reviewer for Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2000) international conference, London, UK.
  16. Paper reviewer for Advances in Databases and Information Systems, 6th East-European Conference ADBIS 2002, Bratislava, Slovakia, Sep. 8-11, 2002.
  17. Paper reviewer for the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Frontiers in Education annual international conference (2004).
  18. Paper reviewer for the 34th and 38thHawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences – HICSS 2001 and HICSS 2005.
  19. Paper reviewer for KEST 2004 – 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Economy & Development of Science and Technology17-20 Sep, 2004, Beijing, China.
  20. Member of the international scientific committee of the annual international conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin, Croatia, 2000-.

D) Research Networks and Specialist Groups of Interest

  1. MIME workshop and Network, Baltic Region, 2007-2009.
  2. BIR 2007 conference Organisation Tampere.
  3. The AstreNET European Network for Software Transformation Tools and Testing;
  4. The Steering Committee of the South-Eastern European Network on Formal Methods;
  5. British Computer Society (BCS) Specialist Interest Groups (SIG): SIG Software Quality; SIG Formal Methods; SIG Security; SIG Women in Science and Engineering.
  6. The TaTiTu Information Security Interest Group at Tampere, Häme region.

E) Consultancy and Expert Evaluation Committees

  1. Staff Evaluation Expert in King’s College of Learning, London University 2007-2008.
  2. Evaluation Expert for the Quality of the Lithuanian Higher Education Universities, appointed August 2013 by the State National Centre of Quality Assessment in Higher Education.
  3. Scientific collaborator for Methodologies and Tools for the Engineering of Information Systems. Open & Distance Teaching and Learning Materials. Book and Online Publication for Global Campus. Middlesex University Press: London (2004);
  4. Academic collaborator at NOKIA research centre for the Requirements Management research group, Helsinki, Finland (2000-2001);
  5. Higher Education Consultant for Academic Solutions Ltd., 11 Amfissis Str., Kato Toumba Thessaloniki, Greece (1998-2008);
  6. Scientific collaborator/evaluator for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS), Seville, Spain, 2012-.
  7. Freelance consultancy in European software industry in the UK, Germany, and Greece.

F) Conference Chair/Conference Organiser/Session Chair

  1. Conferences’ general chair and proceedings’ co-editor for a) the Software Quality Management (SQM 2012) and b) INSPIRE International conferences 20-22 August 2012 (Tampere, Finland) of the British Computer Society:
  2. Conferences’ general chair and proceedings’ co-editor for a) the Software Quality Management (SQM 2007) and b) INSPIRE International conferences 1-2 August 2007 (Tampere, Finland) for the 50th Anniversary of the British Computer Society. General themes: a) SQM 2007: “Software Quality meets Work-Life Quality” and b) INSPIRE 2007: “Teaching, Learning and Researching Software Quality Issues in the New Millennium”.
  3. Conference organiser in a) 1998 (London, UK), b) 1999 (Crete, Greece) and 2000 c) (Cyprus and UK), of the International Software Process Improvement in Research, Education and Training (INSPIRE) annual international conference of the British Computer Society, IEE and CEPIS; d) 2015, Thalis Workshop, National Technical University of Athens, Greece).
  4. Conference Session Chair in international conferences: BIR 2007 (Tampere); BCS INSPIRE’99 (Greece); BCS INSPIRE’04 (UK); BCS SQM’04 (UK); Institute of Advanced Information Society (IADIS) 1stInternational Web-based Communities Conference ’04 (Portugal); IADIS e-learning conference Amsterdam 2008; South-Eastern European workshop on Formal Methods (SEEFM 2003-)…
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