Academic and Industrial Courses Developed/Delivered/Taught

By Eleni Berki

UK: Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC), School of Computer Science, Division of Languages – 1996

  • Computer Science (A-Level)
  • Information Technology (A-Level)

UK and Greece: – 1996/1997: Software Quality short consultancy courses co-organisation and joint dissemination in industry (European Union-funded) with Elli Georgiadou.

  • Industrial Systems: Analysis and Design
  • Software Tools and Methods Support for Industrial Processes
  • Software Quality Management and Industrial Training
  • Total Quality Management for Software Industries

UK: Thames Valley University, School of Information Management – 1997

  • Research Methods for Information Systems Management (BSc/MSc levels)

UK/China: University of North London, Faculty of Science, Computing & Engineering

  • BSc (Hons) and Conversion MSc in Computing, 1997-1999
  • Databases and Database Management Systems – BSc level
  • Systems Analysis and Design – BSc level
  • Programming in Pascal & C languages – BSc level
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computing – BSc level
  • Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming – BSc level in UK & China (also online)
  • Information Systems Development Methods – BSc & MSc levels in UK & BSc level in China (also online materials)
  • Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools – BSc & MSc levels
  • Evaluation of Information Systems Development Methods and Tools – BSc & MSc levels (with Elli Georgiadou)

UK (University of North London)/Spain (Valladolid University) /Greece (Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki): European MSc co-development programme (European Union – funded)

  • Trans-European MSc in Advanced Software Engineering 1998-1999
  • M3 – Course Module: Research Methods and Project Management for MSc Dissertations in (i) Artificial Intelligence, (ii) Computer Science and (iii) Software Quality Engineering (in English, Greek and Spanish).

Finland: University of Jyväskylä, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

  • Software Business European MSc Programme 2000-2001 (European Union – funded)
  • Requirements Engineering for Software Development I
  • Requirements Engineering for Software Development II
  • Industrial MSc Thesis: Research Project Management Seminar (in Finnish and in English).
  • Group Technologies European MSc Programme 2002-2004 (European Union – funded)
  • Organisational Learning, Knowing and Remembering
  • Learning and Co-ordination in Organisations
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Creation and Management
  • Virtual Communities
  • Industrial MSc Thesis: Research Methods and Project Management Seminar (in Finnish and English).

Finland: University of Tampere, Faculty of Information/Natural Sciences Feb 2006-2018

Courses Developed and Delivered for the: MSc Programme in Software Development, MSc Programme in Computer Sciences/Information Systems and Ph.D. study programme

  1. Testing, Security and Trust. Course’s website link: (
  2. Metamodelling for Software Development.
  3. MSc Thesis Seminar: Software Development – Current Issues, Trends, and Research Directions.
  4. Open Source and Software Quality. Course’s website link: (
  5. Software Tools and Evaluation. Course’s website link: (
  6. PhD students Research Seminar (in Finnish/English, with Prof. Pertti Järvinen).
  7. BSc mini-thesis report seminar (in Finnish).
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